Physical Ability Assessment: FAQs

What does the Physical Ability Assessment consist of?

The Physical Ability Assessment is comprised of four components:

  • Muscular Endurance (sit-ups)
  • Absolute Strength (push-ups)
    • 300 Meter Run
  • Cardiovascular Capacity (1.5 mile run)

What form(s) of identification do I need to bring with me on test day?

Two forms of identification must be provided on the day of the test. At least one form of identification must be a photo ID. Accepted photo identifications include a valid driver’s license, Connecticut photo identification, military photo identification, or current passport.

What should be worn for the physical assessment?

Appropriate athletic attire, including athletic shoes, must be worn to the assessment. Weather conditions should be taken into consideration when dressing, as portions of the assessment will be held outdoors.

Can I wear headphones during the run?

No, you are not allowed to wear headphones. You are required to hear the proctor's instructions during the run.

Can I wear a watch during the run so that I can pace myself?

Yes, you may wear a watch for pacing, but the proctor's watch is the time used.

What if I fail one part of the CHIP test?

You must pass all 4 parts of the assessment to pass.

Can I take the Physical Ability Assessment more than once?

Yes, you can take the test as often as you like. After you have passed the test and received your CHIP card, you do not need to take the test again when applying for a position with a participating police department during the six-month eligibility period.

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