Brooke County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Larry C. Palmer
Address 201 Courthouse Square
Wellsburg WV 26070
Phone (304) 737-3660



To serve and protect the residents of Brooke County, WV and provide proficient and exceptional law enforcement services to the communities we represent.Our office exists to serve the people in a variety of ways, such as law enforcement, tax collection, Mapping and Addressing services, and security at the Brooke County Courthouse. We are community partners who always seek the best outcome for the people of Brooke County.


Working with the Brooke County Sheriff’s Office is an opportunity that we believe requires great commitment, personal character, and a profound desire to serve. 


On November 30, 1796, the Virginia General Assembly established Brooke County, designating "Charlestown" as its county seat. However, this led to confusion due to the existence of another Charlestown in nearby Jefferson County, which is now known as Charles Town, and a third Charleston established at the confluence of the Elk and Kanawha Rivers in 1788. To resolve this confusion, on December 28, 1816, the Virginia General Assembly renamed Brooke County's county seat to Wellsburg, possibly in honor of Charles Wells, who had married Charles Prather's daughter.

The Brooke County Courthouse, located in the Wellsburg Historic District, is the second structure with that name, replacing the original courthouse built in 1799. The current courthouse, constructed in 1849, features classical elements and remains one of the oldest continuously occupied buildings in the area. The Sheriff, elected by the county's voters for four-year terms, serves as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer and the Treasurer of the county, responsible for tax collection and financial transactions.




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