UConn Police Department

Chief Gene Labonte
Address 126 North Eagleville Road
Storrs & Regional Campuses CT 06269
Phone 860-486-4810
Website http://police.uconn.edu/

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
UConn - Police Officer Trainee Annual salary upon CT P.O.S.T. Certification: $65,872 to $82,100 + $5,000 in additional stipends August 31, 2024
UConn - Certified Police Officer $65,872-$82,100 (plus $5,000 in additional stipends) August 31, 2024

UConn Police and Security Services. Protecting Connecticut’s Future.

UConn’s Division of University Safety is looking to recruit and hire open-minded, positive, and goal-oriented people who will join the division’s ranks as Police Officers (sworn law enforcement) or Building and Grounds Patrol Officer (non-sworn security) at one of our campuses.

UConn’s campuses span many different communities across the state of Connecticut to include the UConn Health Center in Farmington, main campus in Storrs, and several other campuses throughout the State of Connecticut.  The Division of University Safety aims to ensure the appropriate protection, safety and security resources are present at each location through the use of both Police Officer positions and Security Services resources. Together, these positions work collaboratively with other divisional and university partners to support a safe, inclusive, and vibrate environment for our students, staff, and guests.

Our core values center on providing professional, caring, and compassionate service to everyone we meet.  We hope you will consider if you are the right fit for these roles within our community.

About Our Community

The University of Connecticut ranks among the top public universities in the nation.  The University of Connecticut has a total enrollment of approximately 32,000 students and a faculty base of approximately 10,000 full and part time faculty.  The Division of University Safety is responsible for providing most of the health, safety, and security needs at UConn’s campuses.

The University of Connecticut’s Division of University Safety includes the following departments: Police, Fire, Fire Marshal Office, Office of Emergency Management, Environmental Health & Safety, and Security Services. The Division, its over two hundred employees, and its components are responsible for providing many of the primary health and safety resources and staffing at UConn’s locations across the state. 


About UConn Police Department

The University of Connecticut Police Department (UCPD) is an internationally accredited law enforcement agency and fully functional police agency with the same statutory authority as any municipal police department in the State of Connecticut.

The UCPD is responsible for, and its primary mission is, the protection of lives and property at the University of Connecticut and all adjacent areas within the jurisdiction of the UConn Police Department. This includes the main campus in Storrs, CT, and regional campuses located throughout the state in Farmington (UConn Health), Stamford, Groton (Avery Point), Waterbury, and Hartford (Downtown and Law School).

The UCPD currently has 86 sworn police officers of all ranks, about half of which are assigned to UConn Police Headquarters on the main campus in Storrs, with the remainder assigned to the regional campuses. All police officers are trained at all locations and have opportunities to work throughout the state.

The majority of UConn Police Officers are assigned to the Patrol Division, which requires officers to learn all aspects of policing and harness their law enforcement skills to protect and serve the university community. The UCPD offer opportunities and special assignments such as K-9 handler, Motorcycle Officer, Federal/State Taskforces, and Mountain Bike/ ATV Patrol.  In addition to promotional opportunities, Officers can be assigned to the Detective Division, Training Division, Professional Standards, and Community Policing. 

As Connecticut’s flagship university, the University of Connecticut has increased its footprint across the State of Connecticut.  Officers have the ability to work at all campuses which are each unique in their size, geography, and diverse populations.  UConn Police officers are at the forefront of safety and security at all of UConn’s campuses.  Officers are critical in the successful management and safety of NCAA events, entertainment venues, and high profile speaking engagements, as well as the day-to-day operations of each campus. 

In order to meet and exceed the standards and goals of the department, the people who make up the UCPD must possess a unique set of professional skills and talents.  UCPD officers receive extensive training in areas critical to being a leading example of 21st Century university policing.


The University of Connecticut Police Department pledges to protect and serve by safeguarding the future of our community through education, understanding, and mutual respect.



We place a high priority and value on honesty and ethical behavior.


In the performance of our duties we consistently and unconditionally perform at the highest level, demonstrating and teaching our strengths while recognizing and improving any weakness.


When serving our community our work is a source of personal satisfaction.   


With recognition that the quality of life of our community begins with public safety and our dedication to our core values; we will continually invest in our department members while we evolve to provide the highest level of service that our community deserves.


About UConn Security Services

Security Services is currently responsible for providing non-sworn security services at the UConn Health Center in Farmington and Stamford Campus.

UConn Farmington/Health Center Campus:
Working alongside other divisional and university partners, Building and Grounds Patrol Officers assigned to Farmington are a critical piece of the community in its mission to create a safe and welcoming environment for patients, employees, students, and guests.  UConn Farmington is unique in that the UConn Health Center, a major state hospital, is located on the property.  Security Services are relied upon regularly for day-to-day support that ensures community safety and patient care.  Building and Grounds Patrol Officers are tasked with monitoring critical areas, conducting static and moving patrols, assisting with patient safety, and working alongside other departments.  Building and Grounds Patrol Officers working in Farmington must be prepared to meet the demands of the environment.  Building and Grounds Patrol Officers will regularly be exposed to active situations, that may require physical interaction.  Responding to incidents will require efficient coordination and cooperation with other community members to ensure the health and safety of everyone. 

Other campuses:
Building and Grounds Patrol Officers are responsible for working with other divisional partners to ensure the protection of lives and property at the University of Connecticut.  Currently, the Division is looking for Building and Grounds Patrol Officers to support our Stamford campus, with the hope of growth to other campuses.  The UConn Stamford campus enrolls approximately 2,400 students and is located in the heart of Stamford, Connecticut.  Along with dormitory style housing locations, UConn Stamford also boasts robust academic and community spaces.  Building and Grounds Patrol Officers will be a critical component to the Division’s overall mission.  Security Services will be tasked with monitoring dormitory and academic buildings, conducting static and moving patrols, responding to community needs, and reporting certain conditions or activity.  These Building and Grounds Patrol Officers will be connecting and engaging with UConn students, staff, and visitors on a daily basis.   This connection is critical to ensuring the success of the university and division’s mission.


Security Services strives to ensure its services are always delivered in a professional manner.  Through collaboration and engagement, Security Services will deliver resources and services that are required by the environment, all while looking through the lens of modern safety needs. 

Our primary mission objectives are to:

  • Provide a visible community presence focused on customer service.
  • Prevent, detect, deter, and reduce crimes and conduct issues.
  • Assist in the development, input, and improvement of policies, procedures, and other initiative that increase overall safety.
  • Provide support to medical staff boosting patient care and safety.



We place a high priority and value on honesty and ethical behavior.


In the performance of our duties we consistently and unconditionally perform at the highest level, demonstrating and teaching our strengths while recognizing and improving any weakness.


We look to engage and meet the needs of all people.  We understand that an inclusive approach will strengthen the community as a whole.


We recognize that none of the successes of the UConn community would be possible without first providing and maintaining a safe and welcoming space.  We dedicate ourselves to upholding our Mission and Values, while thinking to the future needs of our progressive and expanding institution.


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