Sunset Valley Police Department

Chief Lenn Carter
Address 3207 Jones Road
Sunset Valley TX 78745
Phone (512) 892-1384




The vision of the Sunset Valley Police Department is to set the standard on what community policing can be. It is our mission to provide the most remarkable law enforcement services "under the sun" to the residents and visitors of Sunset Valley. We are a different type of law enforcement agency. If you enjoy the freedom of getting out of your patrol car and meeting the people that you serve, then SVPD is the place for you. If you desire to do more than just take calls then SVPD is right for you.

The Department has a lot more to offer as well:
• Brand new state-of-the-art police station
• Fully equipped fitness center, locker room, and showers
• On duty workout time (when staffing allows)
• All equipment provided
• 10-hour shifts with rotating weekends off
• Ample opportunities for overtime and off duty employment
• Modern personal appearance policy allows visible tattoos, and facial hair
• Located just south of the heart of downtown Austin
• Starting pay 47K – 60K based on experience


Our mission is to provide the most remarkable law enforcement services "under the sun" to residents and visitors to Sunset Valley


Sunset Valley was founded in 1954 by people who wanted to maintain a rural residential city with a quiet, friendly way of life. Located just south of downtown Austin, Sunset Valley measures one square mile and is completely surrounded by the city of Austin. This prosperous city boasts a vibrant and healthy lifestyle with acres of open space and conservation land for native plants and animals.

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