Sea Isle City Police Department

Chief Anthony Garreffi
Address 233 John F Kennedy Blvd
Sea Isle City NJ 08243
Phone 609-263-4311

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
Sea Isle City - SLEO II (Residential Academy) Up to $20.00 an hour March 07, 2025
Sea Isle City - SLEO II Winter Academy Up to $20 July 31, 2024
Sea Isle City - Parking Enforcement Officer $17.00 July 31, 2024




In 2014, the Sea Isle City Police Department (SICPD) achieved accreditation with the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP). This honor will put the SICPD in a class with the top 20% of law enforcement agencies in the Garden State.

To achieve accreditation, policies and procedures were implemented or modified to conform to 100 written standards, which have been recognized as being the best practices for law enforcement officers and their agencies. The policies address officer safety issues, equipment requirements and operational guidelines for performing various law enforcement functions.

Additionally, the SICPD is able to provide increased safety through highly efficient operational procedures, has greater accountability within the agency, enjoys reduced risk and liability exposure, offers a stronger defense against civil lawsuits, provides increased community advocacy, and possesses a greater ability to operate efficiently and respond to community needs.



It is the mission of the Sea Isle City Police Department to provide a safe environment for all citizens and visitors to the city. This mission is to be accomplished through a combination of training, enforcement of laws and ordinances, and public service.



COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP: The Sea Isle City Police Department embraces the concept of community partnership. Only through the establishment of a good working relationship can success be achieved.

PROFESSIONALISM: The Sea Isle City Police Department will consistently demand the highest level of professionalism from its employees.

INTEGRITY: The Sea Isle City Police Department maintains that employee contact with the public should inspire respect and generate cooperation and approval from the public. Ethical behavior shall be the norm and not the exception in our dealings with others.

RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: The Sea Isle City Police Department recognizes our role in the community to be one of great responsibility. We embrace this value and will strive to meet this burden. We are fully accountable for the actions of all of our employees.

EMPOWERMENT: The Sea Isle City Police Department will encourage decision making at the most effective level and promote citizen responsibility and involvement.



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