Ross Township Police Department

Chief Cristyn Zett
Address 1000 Ross Municipal Rd.
Pittsburgh PA 15237
Phone (412) 931-9070

The Department Today

The Ross Township Police Department is a full service department, comprised of 43 full time sworn officers, 2 office clerks and 21 school crossing guards.  The current organizational structure is as follows:

  • 1 Chief
  • 1 Deputy Chief
  • 2 Lieutenants
  • 8 Sergeants
  • 2 Detectives
  • 3 Traffic Officers
  • 26 Patrol Officers
  • 3 Police Canines

How the Department Works

We are somewhat unique with respect to most other communities in Allegheny County. Although the population of Ross is approximately 35,000 residents, The Ross Police service upwards of 250,000 people on any given day. Three main arteries going North out of Pittsburgh pass through Ross Township. McKnight Road, one of the most highly traveled roads through the township, has an extensive business and retail district.

Three major shopping malls, five strip malls and numerous individual businesses line both sides of the road from Babcock Blvd to Peebles Road. Approximately 75% of the criminal activity in Ross is generated within this corridor. Also within Ross Township’s 14.3 square miles, there are three senior citizen high rise complexes, an abundance of neighborhood communities consisting of single family homes and several multi-story apartment complexes.

Department Duties

Due to the dynamic makeup of Ross Township, the Police Department responds to over 20,000 calls for assistance from residents and businesses per year. The Ross Township Police Department issues traffic citations in order to curb aggressive and careless driving, keeping the roadways of the township as safe as possible for residents and visitors. Along with normal patrol duties, the officers and detectives investigate almost 2,000 criminal incidents each year and make over 600 arrests. Officers also respond to more than 1,000 motor vehicle accidents each year. The Ross Township Police Department also offers a number of informative programs through our Community Policing Unit.  


History of the Department


The Ross Township Police Department was formed in 1922 with the hiring of one police officer.  In 1924 the department consisted of three police officers who patrolled on two motorcycles and in a police car.


By 1959, there were two radio equipped cars and 12 officers. In 1967, a wing to house the Police Department was added to the former Municipal Building that was located at 5325 Perrysville Avenue.

In 1971, the Ross Township Police Department was staffed by 35 full time officers, including the Police Chief. Vehicular equipment included 3 patrol cars plus 2 medically equipped station wagons. By 1976, the Police Department consisted of a Chief, 1 Captain, 4 Lieutenants, 5 Sergeants and 26 Patrolmen. In addition, there were 4 desk Officers, 1 Matron and an Animal Control Officer. The Police Department had 6 patrol cars, 2 fully equipped emergency wagons, an EMT Car and a Rescue Squad Car. The Police Officers were trained in emergency medical care.


The Ross Township Police Department continued to grow and reached its current compliment of 43 officers in 2001.  The Police Department Fleet consists of 13 marked patrol cars, including 3 K9 trucks, 3 motorcycles, 7 unmarked vehicles, a crime scene van, a mobile command center, 5 police bicycles, and 3 unmanned aircraft systems. 

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