Rochester Police Department

Chief Gary Boudreau
Rochester NH 03867
Phone (603) 330-7127

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
Rochester - Police Officer $58,593.60 to $77,946.69 June 30, 2025

About Us

The city of Rochester was incorporated in 1722 and first settled in 1728. It was organized as a town in 1737 and became a city in 1891. ​Rochester consists of approximately 49 square miles of land. Current population is approximately 32,000 and is continuing to grow. Rochester is the largest city for population and land in the southeastern part of New Hampshire. However, even with its continuous growth the city has still maintained its country appearance.

The Rochester Police Department is governed by a three-member Board of Police Commission. We are a well-trained professional law enforcement organization. Our prime mission is the protection of life and property, crime prevention and public relations.

The Rochester Police department has been steadily moving forward with improved technology. From upgraded and networked computers, to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art communications center. Having this page on the world wide web is another way to access technology, thereby enhancing our service to the public. We support DARE and other youth-oriented programs in Rochester, such as the school lunch program and our own Explorer Post. We have an advanced training program. We monitor several community policing projects.

All of the members of the Department are committed to our mission, which is the protection of life and property. We can accomplish this mission with the assistance of our citizens in the community policing effort. The citizens are our “eyes and ears” in the community.

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