Northwood Police Department

Chief Glen Drolet
Address 1020 First New Hampshire Turnpike
Northwood NH 03261
Phone (603) 942-9101

Mission Statement

The primary mission of this police department is crime prevention and the protection of life and property.  Its goals are to increase the quality of police service, to evaluate the standards of the profession, and to strengthen the public confidence in law enforcement; to earn the support and cooperation of the general public in these endeavors.

Here are some of the reasons to join Northwood Police

Opportunity to save lives
Police officers are often first responders to accidents, house fires, fights, medical emergencies, and emergencies of every kind. Sometimes you will have to administer life saving first aid, rescue people lost in woods, help people going through extreme mental health crises, and step in to defend people from those who wish to harm them.
Every time you find a lost hiker, break up a fight, write a ticket, arrest a criminal or stop domestic violence there's a good chance your actions will save someone's life that day, or down the road.

Work with the community
​Northwood is a small New Hampshire town, everyday, every interaction is an opportunity to talk with someone. Doing this you get to know people, find out about their lives, and help them make this town what they want it to be. You help to build trust and a sense of security in the population you serve.

Every day is different
Whether it's  going to a collision, running radar, catching a drunk driver, arresting domestic abuser, or investigating credit card fraud, no two days are alike.  One day you could be down by the lake chatting with people heading out to go fishing on their boats, the next you could be serving a warrant on a known drug dealer.

More exposure to police work
In a smaller police department you will be able to follow through cases from initial report to conviction. It could start as a traffic violation that you stop, that leads to felony drug distribution charges. You will be able to see that case all the way through. You won't have to hand it off to some large detective bureau, never to find out what happened. 

Make the career you want
Whether you want to be a School Resource Officer helping the future generations build their lives, or a detective investigating sexual assaults, or anything else. You'll have access to training that will allow you to develop and build your knowledge,skills, and career in the way you want.


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