Lacey Township Police Department

Chief Michael C. DiBella
Address 808 Lacey Rd.
Forked River NJ 08731
Phone 609-693-6636

Uniformed Patrol Division

The Lacey Township Police Department Patrol Division is the largest and most visible division in our agency. These are the uniformed officers who patrol our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Division is comprised of 4 squads, each consisting of a Sergeant, 5 to 7 patrol officers, and 1 to 2 civilian dispatchers. The Patrol Division is currently divided into 2 Platoons consisting of 2 squads for each Platoon. The Patrol Platoons are currently under the command of Lieutenants Vincent Meehan and Christopher W. Kenny, Ed.S. The Patrol Division  is a pro-active unit that monitors our streets vigilantly to keep our community safe. Patrol officers enforce the law, arrest violators, and preserve the peace.

When anyone needs help within the Township, our patrol officers are the first to respond. From basic theft reports and medical emergencies to serious crime-in-progress calls, our officers are on the scene within minutes to handle any situation needing police intervention. Our patrol officers respond to over 30,000 calls per year, including over 3,300 9-1-1 calls. This is in addition to all of our enforcement duties.

Patrol officers are the “front line” of every police department, and our officers are committed to preserving life, ensuring the safety of the public, and preventing crime in Lacey Township. Their high degree of visibility makes them readily available when needed. 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Lacey Township Police Department to protect the lives and property of those who visit, work, or reside in Forked River, Lanoka Harbor, and Bamber Lake, New Jersey. We, as the dedicated members of the Lacey Township Police Department, are committed to working diligently toward reducing criminal activity and victimization while improving the quality of life of the residents we so proudly serve. Our promise is to serve with honor and the highest level of integrity to maintain the public’s confidence in our organization.

Statement of Our Values

Our values are the fundamental beliefs from which our department establishes policy and practices, delivers the highest level services, and implements programs to meet our goals and objectives. Simply stated, it is our values that guide our actions.
  • Protection of Human Life. Each member of the Lacey Township Police Department trains and operates with the clear understanding that the protection of human life is our highest priority.
  • Prevention of Crime and Disorder. Each member of the Lacey Township Police Department functions with the understanding that preventing crime and disorder benefits the community far more than relying on police action after victimization has occurred.
  • Integrity. The integrity of the Lacey Township Police Department must never be compromised. Each member values his or her role in maintaining the public’s confidence in our honor and integrity. The accountability of all members of the organization is at the core of ensuring we meet our obligation to the public.
  • Recognizing Our Team as Professionals. The leadership of the Lacey Township Police Department recognizes that professionalism begins with promoting and developing a culture of competence throughout the organization. Members of the Lacey Township Police Department are treated with respect and a recognition that support in the achievement of each member’s career goals and aspirations is an important element in overall motivation and performance. Professional development training is a key element in this process. It is through constant self-improvement that the organization will best serve the public as true professionals.
  • Active Problem-Solving. Prevention and active problem-solving are closely linked, as the identification of recurring problems and the implementation of effective action to mitigate the causes of such problems directly contribute to the prevention of future victimization. Our members are committed to engaging in problem-solving as a natural part of each and every workday.
  • Transparency via Consistent Communication. Utilizing all available mediums, the Lacey Township Police Department is committed to public awareness through communication. While respecting confidentialities, our organization will utilize available electronic mediums, the media, as well as public presentations to keep the public informed regarding matters of public interest.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness in Operations. The administration of the Lacey Township Police Department functions with a constant eye on maximum effectiveness while utilizing the limited resources of the agency in the most efficient manner possible. The fine balance between effectiveness and efficiency is a significant daily challenge in public safety. The Lacey Township Police Department is committed to providing the best possible service while doing so under tremendous fiscal constraints resulting in limited available resources.
  • Community Partnerships – The Lacey Township Police Department is committed to forming partnerships with the stakeholders within the community. Each member of the police department recognizes how essential such partnerships are in reducing crime and disorder by effectively identifying and resolving the problems most affecting the community
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