Moultonborough Police Department

Chief Peter W. Beede, Jr.
Address 1035 Whittier Highway
Moultonborough NH 03254
Phone (603) 476-2400


Mission Statement

In cooperation with the people of Moultonborough and in partnership with other public and private agencies, to assume a leadership role through a problem solving approach to preventing crime and disorder, reducing citizen fear of crime, providing for the safe and efficient flow of traffic, providing a variety of non-criminal activities, and improving the quality of life as we work together to make Moultonborough truly New Hampshire's "all-American town."

In addition to law enforcement responsibilities, the Moultonborough Police Department offers to our citizens:

  • •Child Identity Kits
  • •Bicycle Registration
  • •Child Seat Safety Inspections
  • •Residence and Business Security Inspections
  • •Gun Locks

Resources and materials available:

  • •Domestic Violence
  • •Child Safety
  • •Firearms Safety
  • •Identity Safety
  • •Cybercrime Protection
  • •Substance Abuse and Treatment


The History of the Moultonborough Police Department begins in 1924 when George Stimpson, was recorded as the first Police Officer in the Town's Annual Report. The Moultonborough Police departments budget for the fiscal year 1925 was ten dollars! It was a time when crooks could pretty much do as they pleased in between the years 1930 to 1933. There were no police officer appointments recorded in the Town's Annual Report for those years.

In the years 1966/1967, Law Enforcement received a boost in the town of Moultonborough, when the New Hampshire State Police moved its barracks in Wolfeboro to Moultonborough. In 1968 a milestone in Moultonborough Police Department history is made. Frank McIntire is the first police officer to hold the title and rank of Chief of Police. Prior to this the title of Chief of Police was reserved for and held by the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

In 1971 Martin Clifford was hired as the first full-time police officer/Chief of Police. Between 1972 and 2008 the Moultonborough Police Department expanded its full-time ranks from one officer to twelve.

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