Lisbon Police Department

Chief Derek Sullivan
Address 46 School Street
Lisbon NH 03585
Phone 603-838-6712


Lisbon Police Department


The Lisbon NH Police Department is currently staffed by 3 Full-Time Patrol Officers and multiple Part-Time Officers who supplement Patrol operations. As of the 2010 Census there were approximately 1595 people residing in Lisbon, NH. Most of the residents are concentrated in the Lisbon, NH town center.

The Lisbon Police Department provides Law Enforcement Services to the Town of Landaff, NH as well, which is approximately 415 residents. Lisbon NH is home to the New England Wire Mill and DCI (furniture factory) as well as a variety of small businesses throughout the town. We are approximately 20 minutes south of Littleton NH, and 15 minutes North of Woodsville, NH. The Lisbon Police Department handles all Misdemeanor and Felony level investigations, and Prosecutes the Misdemeanor cases with a Lisbon Police Department Prosecutor.

The Lisbon Police Department handles roughly 4,500 calls for service a year without the Town of Landaff.

Employees of the Lisbon Police Department enjoy proactively patrolling the beautiful area that we live in and take advantage of our '10-1 physical fitness incentive program' in order to maintain the level of physical fitness required of the career.


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