Holland Township Police Department

Chief Sean Gutsick
Address 61 Church Rd
Milford NJ 08848
Phone 9089954670
Website http://hollandpolice.org/

Holland Township Police Department

Holland Township Police Department takes pride in its commitment to excellence in law enforcement. Established with the aim of providing professional and reliable police services, we have garnered recognition as the first agency in Hunterdon County to achieve 100% Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) certification. Our officers are leaders in the state, setting benchmarks in training, expertise, and professionalism. Our officers serve as active instructors at the John H. Stamler Police Academy and various other educational institutions across the United States. This involvement underscores our dedication to sharing expertise and best practices with law enforcement professionals nationwide.

  • Administrative Services Section: Responsible for overseeing departmental operations, including budget management, personnel administration, and community outreach initiatives.
    Patrol Division: Comprising frontline officers, the Patrol Division ensures round-the-clock coverage for emergency response, crime prevention, and traffic enforcement.
    Emergency Management: Dedicated to coordinating emergency response efforts, disaster preparedness, and community resilience initiatives.


Mission Statement

The Holland Township Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of policing service to our community and the citizens we pledge to serve and protect. Our officers are required to adhere to professional, ethical and legal standards in the enforcement of motor vehicle and criminal laws of our Township and State of New Jersey. Keeping our community safe so citizens can enjoy the qualities of life is a continuing goal through our working in partnership with the residents of Holland Township, the business community and government leaders. continuous in-service training and adhering to the highest ethical standards will assure the public of the finest police response in their time of need.


About our Town

Holland Township spans approximately 24 square miles and is located in the northwest region of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. With a population of over five thousand two hundred residents, our township is primarily zoned residential. Despite our residential focus, Holland Township is also home to many farms, contributing to the agricultural heritage of our community. Holland Township has vital infrastructures that serve not only our local community but also extend their reach to benefit the wider region of New Jersey and beyond.

The Holland Township Police Department plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of our residents and visitors. With over 5000 calls received annually, our dedicated officers are vigilant in their duties, responding to emergencies, enforcing traffic regulations, and engaging in proactive crime prevention efforts. Additionally, we extend our support to neighboring areas by providing assistance to the New Jersey State Police and other local law enforcement agencies when needed, reinforcing our commitment to regional collaboration and public safety.


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