Glassboro Police Department

Chief John Polillo
Address 1 South Main Street
Glassboro NJ 08028
Phone 856-881-1501

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
Glassboro - Certified Police Officer June 30, 2024

Glassboro Police Department

Our Mission

The Glassboro Police Department’s Mission is as follows:

To maintain peace and order by providing the highest level of police services that are fair, professional, and respectful of the dignity of all individuals. We shall work with the citizens of our community to preserve life, protect property, maintain human rights, reduce crime and the fear of crime, for all who live, work and visit the Borough of Glassboro.  

The officers of our department work to achieve our mission by abiding by our core values:

  • WE RESPECT LIFE… We hold the preservation of life as our sacred duty. Our value of human life sets our priorities.

  • WE REVERE THE TRUTH… We will pursue truth, honesty and justice with vigor. We will accept nothing less in our organization.

  • WE DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY… We value organizational and personal integrity which is essential to the success of our department. Anything less is unacceptable.

  • WE PRIZE LOYALTY… We value personal commitment and loyalty as essential to the best interest of public safety and professional law enforcement. Loyalty is the foundation upon which trust is built within our department and the community we serve.

  • WE ARE COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE… We will encourage and support our members in their efforts to achieve the highest professional and ethical standards and quality of service to the public.


Why we serve?

“In order for the Police to be a respected profession, the officers that comprise our agency must embody the above characteristics. The duty and responsibility of all our officers is to ensure the safety and security of the Glassboro and Rowan communities. They are professionals who have answered a higher calling to serve, protect, and provide ‘Excellence in Policing’”.

— John Polillo, Police Chief



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