Eastham Police Department

Chief Adam Bohannon
Address 2550 State Highway
Eastham MA
Phone 508 255 5412
Website www.easthampolice.com




The Eastham Police Department is composed of 17 full-time police officers, consisting of a Chief, Deputy Chief, Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants, 2 Detectives and patrol staff. The department is certified by the Massachusetts Accreditation Commission.


The Eastham Police Department will provide the highest level of service through the enforcement of laws and the protection of life, property and the constitutional rights of all. We will meet the present and future needs of the public through a continued partnership with our community.

We will remain dedicated to service and committed to excellence, focusing on the following core values:

  • INTEGRITY – We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of honesty, truthfulness and ethical conduct.
  • PRIDE - We take pride in ourselves as individuals, our division as a team and our citizens as a community.
  • RESPECT – We will ensure that all persons are treated with equality, dignity and courtesy.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – We are committed to the highest level of professional standards through development of highly trained and motivated employees.


Eastham is a small beach community in Massachusetts with a population of approximately 5,000 people. The population swells to over 20,000 in the summer months.  The town is 26 square miles and located on Cape Cod


CodeRed logo Opens in new windowCodeRed is a notification system for residents and their families to be alerted of important public safety, weather or other information via telephone/cell phone/email messages. It uses geolocation to help us target warnings for the Town to specific areas when necessary, It is NOT used for non-emergency Town business. 

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