East Lampeter Township Police Department

Address 2250 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster PA 17602
Phone (717) 291-4676
Website http://www.eastlampetertownship.org/police

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East Lampeter Township - Police Officer


The East Lampeter Township Police Department takes pride in its role as a citizen in the community.  We derive authority from those we serve and protect and shall be judged for our efforts.  In accomplishing this important mission, we shall provide precise enforcement of the law and deliver humanitarian services, which promote a safe community.  We shall provide leadership to promote individual responsibility and a commitment to improving the community’s quality of life through crime control and public safety while serving all people with fairness and respect.

We shall base our decisions and action on both ethical and practical perspectives and accept full accountability of the consequences.  We shall not shrink or tire from our duties and tasks nor shall we lose sight of our own humanity.

The East Lampeter Township Police Department is a community police organization that cares about its citizens and provides a wide variety of services to the 21,800 residents of East Lampeter Township and Upper Leacock Township.  Under the provisions of an intergovernmental cooperative agreement to provide police services to Upper Leacock Township. The police department patrols the 38 square miles of the two townships, and in 2012, answered 17,809 calls or requests for service.  The police department is organized into three divisions:
• Administrative Support
• Detective Division
• Patrol Division


The Police Department has a fleet of vehicles to provide services to the community which include marked police cars, unmarked police cars, and a special services unit. The vehicles are used by members of the Patrol Division, and Detective Division for investigating crimes, responding to calls for service, and enforcing traffic laws.

The special services unit is utilized for a Mobile Operations Center, Crime Scene Processing, and Accident Reconstruction.  The unit has an onboard generator, portable lighting, and specialized equipment for members of the Crash Team, and Forensics Unit.

The Forensics Unit within the Police Department has several pieces of highly specialized equipment used in processing crime scenes.  Examples of the equipment are alternative light source commonly referred to as an “ALS”, digital photography equipment, a crime scope to aid in locating finger prints, and fuming tanks for processing of evidence.

The Crash Team utilizes specialized equipment which includes a total station used in the reconstruction phase of the investigation, a drag sled, digital photography to document skid marks, and an accelerometer for determining braking efficiency






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