Dover Police Department

Chief Peter McGowan
Address 3 Walpole Street
Dover MA 02030
Phone 508-785-1130




The Dover Police Department is a full service police staffed by sixteen full time police officers. They are trained, equipped and ready to handle any type of situation that may manifest itself. The officers do their utmost to prevent crime, educate the public and assist in the resolution of problems. In addition, they stand ready to investigate any of the few crimes that are committed and diligently work to identify those responsible for crime and prosecute them for the offenses. In addition to their singular duties, the department also operates the emergency communications center. They receive calls for a whole host of both emergency and non-emergency public services, including the fire department, ambulance/emt service and the animal control officer, and dispatch the necessary departments to deal with the request. The communications center and department is full staffed seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.


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