Denton Police Department

Chief Bobby Smith
Address 601 E. Hickory St.
Denton TX 76205
Phone (940)-349-8181


The Denton Police Department (DPD) has a long-standing tradition of working with citizens to make our neighborhoods and city safer. DPD has been on the forefront of creating partnerships, solving community concerns, and being involved in non-traditional policing roles. We cannot successfully fight crime without your help. DPD is committed to forming partnerships with the mutual goals of resolving problems, reducing fear, preserving the peace, and enforcing the law. Our personnel strive to approach every situation with the goal of providing excellent service.


The mission of the Denton Police Department is to positively impact the quality of life in our community through excellent public service, protection of persons and property, and enforcement of the law.

The core values for the Denton Police Department are:  Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence (P.R.I.D.E.)

Consistent with the Mission Statement and Core Values, the three specific goals for the organization are:

  1. To reduce crime and the fear of crime;
  2. To partner with the community to identify and solve problems;
  3. To operate the Department with maximum efficiency.

The Department expects that every member will strive continuously to achieve these three goals and thereby improve the quality of life in Denton.

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