Darien Police Department

Chief Jeremiah Marron
Address 25 Hecker Avenue
Darien CT 06820
Phone (203) 662-5300
Website http://www.darienpolice.org/



The mission of the Darien Police Department is to preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of Darien. This is done by enforcing laws and ordinances, preserving rights of citizens, reducing fear and maintaining order. The Department is committed to “Pride in Excellence” by treating citizens with courtesy, professionalism, impartiality, and respect.

The Darien Police Department is comprised of 51 sworn officers, 18 traffic agents, 12 civilian employees and is headquartered at 25 Hecker Avenue in Darien, CT. The Department maintains a fleet of 30 vehicles which includes 13 marked patrol units, a motorcycle, a 27-foot SAFEboat, a special services vehicle, undercover vehicles and administrative vehicles. The Department acts as the Public Safety Answering Point for all 911 and non-emergency Police, Fire and medical-related calls within the Town of Darien, CT. Please explore our website to learn more about our Agency's Divisions, Specialized Units and the services we provide to the Town of Darien.



The Darien Police Department is comprised of several divisions which allow us to more efficiently serve the community. Please explore our website to learn more about how our agency is made up, and how we strive to accommodate the needs of our town.

Patrol: The Patrol Division represents the backbone of the Darien Police Department. Of the Department's authorized strength of 51 sworn officers, 38 officers are assigned to the Patrol Division. Two lieutenants are in command of the on-duty platoon, with one typically scheduled for duty on each of the Department's three duty tours. Seven sergeants serve as first-line supervisors. Twenty-seven officers, assigned to individual squads, are assigned to patrol duties with a specific number of officers assigned to each squad to provide adequate coverage in designated patrol sectors around the clock, 24-7, 365.

Detective: The Detective Division is comprised of a lieutenant, a sergeant and three investigators who are specially trained in disciplines and technical applications geared toward the detection, investigation and apprehension of criminal offenders. The Detective Division is responsible for conducting criminal investigations for a wide range of offenses, including crimes against persons and crimes against property.

Training: The Training Division is responsible for providing mandatory and supplemental training to Department personnel to develop and enhance those skills and decision-making abilities necessary for the successful delivery of services. It provides comprehensive training to ensure our citizens are provided with quality services while being treated with professionalism, dignity and respect. The Training Division oversees the recruitment, testing and training of new officers.

Youth: The Youth Division oversees a Juvenile Review Board which was created as a pre-court diversion alternative for Juveniles in the Town of Darien. By offering interventions to juveniles and their families, the Darien Police Department hopes to reduce the occurrence of risky and/or criminal behavior prior to court involvement. This goal is accomplished by pairing restorative justice practices with supports in an attempt to both curb future behavior and assist juveniles with life challenges, all while ensuring no criminal record is generated.

Traffic: The Traffic Division is comprised of two sworn officers. One officer is assigned to the Division full-time, while a second officer is assigned on a part-time basis. Officers assigned to the Traffic Division are equipped with marked Harley Davidson police motorcycles and an unmarked patrol car.

Animal Control: The Municipal Animal Control Officer enforces state laws and town ordinances involving dog complaints, animal bites and wildlife-related incidents.



DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LIAISON: The Darien Police Department's Domestic Violence Liaison unit was established in 2004. This unit assists victims of domestic abuse as they navigate their way through the justice system and identify appropriate resources for assistance. Currently, five Darien Police Officers act as Domestic Violence Liaisons: Sergeant Keri Isaac, Sergeant Mauricio Vigil, Sergeant Elizabeth DiIorio, Officer Kelly Thurston and Officer Kristen Hunt. Victims can complete a form allowing a member of our Domestic Violence Liaison unit to contact him/her for further assistance.

K9 UNIT: The Darien Police Department established a K-9 Unit in 2009, when the Department welcomed K-9 "Zulu" as a full-time addition to the Patrol Division. Zulu, a German shepherd who was born and raised in the Czech Republic, received training in obedience, tracking, and protection. Nicholas Aranzullo was selected to be the Department's first K-9 handler. After seven years of distinguished service, K-9 Zulu retired.

ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION TEAM: The Darien Police Department's Accident Investigation Team is currently staffed by five police officers trained to various levels in motor vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction.

MARINE DIVISION: The mission of the Darien Police Department's Marine Division is to reduce and prevent watercraft related accidents and injuries and to preserve the quality boating experience enjoyed by those who frequent the waters of Long Island Sound. Our mission is accomplished in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard and surrounding agencies by promoting watercraft safety and personal responsibility.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM: In 2005, the Darien Police Department joined the Southwest Regional Emergency Response Team (SWERT). This highly specialized team is also comprised of officers from the Trumbull, Westport, Wilton, Monroe, and Easton Police Departments. This unit was established to deal with situations which require equipment, techniques, and training that is beyond the norms for most police officers. The members of this unit are specifically trained to handle hostage situations, barricaded subjects, civil disturbances, high risk warrants, or any incident in which there is a high probability that someone may be seriously injured due to a criminal act. All members were selected based on physical fitness, firearms proficiency, and supervisory recommendations.

DIVE TEAM: The mission of the Darien Police Department's Dive Team is to assist the Field Services Bureau and other area agencies in any operation involving the underwater environment and engages in evidence recovery and preservation for criminal cases.

CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM: The Darien Police Department formed a Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.), with the goal of fostering community partnerships designed to set a standard of excellence with respect to the treatment of individuals with mental illness, improving the quality of life for an entire community.

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER: Darien Police Public Information Officers are the principal points of contact between the department and the news media.

SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER: The mission of the Darien Police Department’s School Resource Officer program is to assist the Darien Police Department and Board of Education in creating a positive educational environment for students at Darien High School and Middlesex Middle School, while simultaneously educating them on how law enforcement can be a positive resource for young adults.

HONOR GUARD: The mission of the Darien Police Department’s Honor Guard is to represent the Department at memorial events that occur in the Town of Darien and at funeral services for fallen law enforcement officers.


The Darien Police Department, established in 1925 through a Special Act passed by the Connecticut Legislature, began with a three-member Darien Police Commission. Prior to its founding, the town relied on elected constables and justices of the peace to maintain order. The department's first chief of police, Sergeant Harry C. Smith, and six patrolmen were appointed in 1925. Notably, Amos Anderson, a World War I veteran, joined the force and became known as the "Lone Wolf" of Darien.

The department expanded as the town grew, with key leadership changes and the professionalization of the force, eventually employing 51 sworn officers and modernizing its facilities. In 2012, a $17 million renovation of its headquarters was completed, which included state-of-the-art facilities. The department continues to serve Darien, Connecticut, with Chief Jeremiah Marron currently in charge, employing 52 sworn officers, 18 traffic agents, and 18 civilian staff, and providing 24/7 public safety services, including handling 911 and non-emergency calls.



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