Colchester Police Department

Chief Jennifer Morrison
Address 838 Blakely Road
Cholchester VT 05446
Phone 802-264-5555


Welcome to the Colchester Police Department

Welcome to the Colchester Police Department. We hope that you will find this site helpful and informative. We want it to become a work in progress, with frequent updates that will keep our residents and visitors informed about their police department and what we are doing to keep our community safe.

Mission Statement

The Colchester Police is dedicated and committed to improving the quality of life for citizens and visitors in the town of Colchester, Vermont.

Department Values 

These values set forth the guiding principles established by and for the members of the Colchester Police Department in accomplishing the goals and meeting our mission.

Open Communication:

Colchester Police Department will maintain regular, open, lines of communication internally using all available methods and shall create and foster a sharing, open, forthright and informative approach with the community making the department as transparent as possible.

Service Orientation:

The members of the Colchester Police Department shall provide supportive, professional service to the community and each other by promoting human rights, mutual respect, courtesy, and support.

Accountability and Integrity:

Each member shall promote the highest level of integrity and responsibility in their respective tasks.

Empowerment, Creativity, and Problem Solving:

The department functions at its best when all members are encouraged to make decisions. All members shall be allowed and encouraged to promote community involvement in identification and solution of issues using problem solving methods to reduce incidents and fear of crime and community concerns to improve the quality of life.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Members shall work together with community groups, town and state government resources, and other concerned parties in delivering services to the community and meeting our stated goal.

Continuous Improvement:

Each member has a duty and obligation to play an active role in improving internal operations and delivery of services to the community.

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