Chesilhurst Police Department

Address 201 Grant Ave
Waterford Works NJ 08089
Phone (856) 767-2768


The mission of the Chesilhurst Police Department is to serve the public in a professional manner. We take on responsibility of making our community safe for all those that live, work or pass through the Borough. We also strive to make our roads safe for motorists and pedestrians alike. It is our responsibility to work with other agencies and with the public we serve and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

The Chesilhurst Police Department is a professional law enforcement agency that is dedicated to the protection of the life, property and the constitutional rights of all our citizens. The Department will strive to enhance the quality of life, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe and secure environment for everyone who visits, works and lives in our community.


The general objectives of the Chesilhurst Police Department include, but are not limited to the following:

  • •To ensure the safety of all persons within the Borough of Chesilhurst.
  • •To protect property, whether public or private.
  • •To maintain order and preserve the public peace.
  • •To identify and apprehend criminal offenders.
  • •To foster a community spirit of adherence to the law .
  • •To provide a rapid response to citizens’ needs for service.
  • •To prevent crime to the maximum extent possible.
  • •To create and maintain a feeling of safety and security in the community.
  • •To regulate and facilitate the movement of vehicular traffic within the Borough of Chesilhurst and to enforce traffic laws.
  • •To provide the employees of the Department with a professional work environment that employs modern technology, participative management and visionary leadership.
  • •To provide the employees of the Department with training and career development opportunities that enhance employees professional development and offering job enrichment by utilizing the full potential, knowledge, skills and abilities of all employees.


RESPECT for all persons both in and outside of the organization. We will inspire respect and confidence in the public trust by performing all duties impartially and respecting the dignity of all citizens and fellow employees.

STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE in all our activities. We value professionalism and a team effort to provide effective public safety services.

Provide a high level of CUSTOMER SERCVICE at all times. We will work cooperatively with other town, state, federal agencies and citizen organizations to provide the highest level of service to our residents, businesses and visitors.

We will seek the highest levels of ETHICAL and MORAL conduct in our on-duty and off-duty activities.


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