Cherry Hill Police Department

Chief William Monaghan
Address 820 Mercer St.
Cherry Hill NJ 08002
Phone 856-488-7828



The Cherry Hill Police Department is committed to protecting life and property. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of police services by partnering with the community to enhance the quality of life for all people while maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity. 


The Cherry Hill Police Department embraces and holds, in highest regard, the following values:

  • Continued learning - Fostering continuous education, training, and bolstering of law enforcement job skills, to increase the efficiency and performance of all members of the department
  • Enforcement of laws - Judicious application of all laws, criminal, traffic, and municipal ordinances
  • Honesty and integrity - Truthfulness, respect of civil rights, and setting an example of moral and ethical behavior
  • Leadership - Assist, guide, inspire, and mentor others, particularly those with less experience and knowledge with effective completion of tasks or objectives
  • Loyalty and commitment - Recognize our duty to handle each assignment or task to the best of our ability and to reward and recognize those members who perform in an exemplary manner
  • Partnering and collaboration - Providing opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate, and partner with the community
  • Professionalism - Accountability and promotion of proper attitude and demeanor to reflect most favorably upon the Cherry Hill Police Department and its individual members
  • Service - Providing aid and comfort to those in need or distress

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