Carroll Valley Borough Police Department

Chief Richard L. Hileman
Address 5685 Fairfield Road
Fairfield PA 17320
Phone (717) 642-8269
Fax 7176429697




The Carroll Valley Police Department, located in southwestern Adams County, Pennsylvania, provides 24-hour police service to the Borough's of Carroll Valley and Fairfield and serves a population of about 4,500 persons.  Additionally, Carroll Valley is the home of Liberty Mountain Resort, a premier 4 season sports destination, averaging as many as 400,000 visitors per year.

The Carroll Valley Police Department currently operates with the Chief, 2 full time officers and 3 part time officers and one civilian administrative assistant, Jo Ann Myers. The Department operates under the command of Chief of Police Richard L. Hileman II who reports to Mayor Ron Harris.


Our mission, as one department of our local government, is working toward creating a high quality of life in the community by actively working with citizens, elected and appointed officials and other government agencies to reduce citizens' fear of crime by protecting the lives and property of citizens from criminal acts or traffic mishap. In order to accomplish our mission, we concentrate our efforts on cooperative proactive crime prevention measures, engage in visible and directed patrol to deter crime and traffic problems; to utilize human initiative, systematic and thorough techniques and available technology to identify, apprehend and bring to justice criminal offenders; to recover and return stolen property to victims as quickly as possible, to move traffic as safely and expeditiously as possible, generally provide assistance to citizens in urgent situations,  and to provide the highest level of public service directed toward community problem solving.

The department is responsible for the enforcement of all Federal laws, State laws, and Borough Ordinances within the boundaries of the Borough.

The department will enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.  It is not the role of the department to legislate, render legal judgments, or punish.

The department serves the people of the Borough by providing law enforcement service in a professional and courteous manner and it is to these people that the department is ultimately responsible.

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