Carlstadt Police Department

Chief Thomas Cox
Address 500 Madison Street
Carlstadt NJ 07072
Phone 201-438-4300
Fax 201-939-4522

About Our Department

Since the Borough of Carlstadt was founded in June of 1894, there has always been a need for police to keep the peace. Like any other organization in America, there is always someone in charge and the Carlstadt Police Department is no different. In 1907, Charles Schmidt was the first police chief appointed by the borough. Since this time there have been many changes in technology and laws that have helped to shape the police department into what it has become today, and we will continue to grow and expand our skills under our current Chief, ThomasCox.

We are more than the traditional police department. In addition to our patrol unit, we also have officers a part of the following: New Jersey Rapid Deployment Force, the Bergen County Regional SWAT Team, the Bergen County Rapid Deployment Team and the Bergen County Computer Crimes Unit.

Our Mission

The Carlstadt Police Department is at all times committed to the utmost professionalism in providing police services to the community and each person falling within its jurisdiction, enforcing the law objectivelywith leadership and integrity, executing their duties with a spirit of cooperation and courtesy , employing always a solution‐focused approach to protect and serve while continuously striving for excellence.



The Carlstadt Police department is committed to keeping crime rate low, protecting and serving the residents and visitors of the Borough of Carlstadt and providing the utmost honor, respect and compassion to all we encounter. In doing so, the members of the Carlstadt Police Department rely on our core values: 



With skill, talent and expertise fortified with continuous training and education in crime prevention and community policing. 


Performed fairly, impartially, equitably, neutrally and with an open mind with high regard and tolerance for all people. 


Displaying initiative to command and control and provided assistance and direction whenever required to maintain peace, good order and safety of all by providing public education, encouraging preparedness and prevention, raising awareness and maintaining partnerships with local officials and citizens to assure a safe community and enhanced quality of life.


Exhibiting ethical, truthful and honest actions, words and deeds at all times. Their objective is met with a spirit of dedication while maintaining a high code of ethics, exercising uncompromising fairness and equity. 


Executed in a respectful, benevolent, considerate and compassionate manner of service to the public.


Striving for self-discipline, individual growth, meritorious distinction, consistency in performance, and dedication to service. 


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