Berklee College Police Department

Deputy Chief Patrick Foley
Address 155 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston MA 02115
Phone 617-747-2682
Fax 617-747-8532

The Berklee Police Department is a fully-sworn and Massachusetts POST Certified campus law enforcement agency that serves the Berklee College of Music community which is a population of over 7,000 individuals. Berklee College of Music is located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, the college has nearly 40 unique properties that are spread throughout the area providing a true city campus environment.

The police department is currently authorized for 21 sworn personnel and 5 civilian staff; this consists of a Chief, Deputy Chief, 2 Lieutenants, 4 Sergeants, 13 Patrol Officers, and 5 Dispatchers. Our station is centrally located to campus, on Massachusetts Ave, where we have a communications center, briefing room with report writing stations, personnel locker rooms, and several administrative offices. Our department currently has a fleet of 3 marked patrol vehicles and 1 unmarked supervisor vehicle, we have several mountain bikes for deployment of our Mountain Bike Unit and our partnership with the Boston area COBRA (Cops on Bikes for Regional Assistance) team. We have a K9 Unit that currently is comprised of "Barklee"; our black lab who is undergoing training for comfort dog certification. We have hopes of expanding this unit providing a specialized assignment vacancy in the future. Given the fact that we are a music college, we have no shortage of paid details for a variety of events all across campus year round; different venues ranging in size from 50 people to almost 1,200 at our renowned Performance Center.

Our department operates on a rotating 4 days on and 2 days off schedule, providing 24/7/365 coverage utilizing a day shift, evening shift, midnight shift, and an impact shift. Our shifts run 0600-1400, 1400-2200, 2200-0600, and 1800-0200 respectively. There is ample opportunity for overtime and a number of different assignments; investigations, LGBTQ+ liaison, dignitary protection, K9, firearms, and defensive tactics to name a few. We also fully support our staff in their professional development and help them to obtain certifications that can be brought back to the department and assist our internal staff and or our community at large. A small sample of these include; R.A.D., CPR/First Aid, Stop the Bleed, Active Shooter, Simunitions, and Peer Support Team. 

All of our sworn personnel are MA POST Certified Officers and we receive our police powers from the State Police as Special State Police Officers, we also are cross sworn as Suffolk County Sheriff Deputies under the current Sheriff. All of our officers have completed a Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee Recruit Officer Course and/or its' equivalent as permitted by law. Our officers attend annual in-service in addition to multiple in-house internal trainings throughout the year. Our department is very much in the early phases and we are looking for hard working, dependable, engaging, and committed individuals to join us, grow with us, and be part of our team as we move onward and upward.

What We Do

Emergency Response: Public Safety will appropriately respond to reports of crimes or other emergencies.

Investigations: Public Safety appropriately investigates all crime and policy violations brought to the department's attention in order to attempt to bring each matter to closure.

Patrols: Public Safety officers maintain a visible presence by continually patrolling the campus. This is done to ensure the safety of the community by identifying unsafe conditions, preventing unauthorized access, and preventing theft and vandalism.

About the Team

The Public Safety Department, which includes the Berklee Police Department, is responsible for campus safety, security, law enforcement, and emergency response on campus. It is the department’s mission to provide a comprehensive program of services to help ensure the campus remains a safe environment in which to live, study, and work. The department's administrative offices, the control center, and the One Card office are located in the basement of 155 Massachusetts Avenue, in the heart of the campus.

The department's structure is a hybrid model that includes a proprietary Berklee command staff and personnel supplemented by a contracted security service. The command staff oversees a contingent of uniformed police officers and security guards who patrol the campus by foot and at fixed posts. Officers and guards are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Public Safety maintains excellent working relationships with the Boston Police Department; the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office; the Massachusetts State Police; other local, campus, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; and all appropriate segments of the criminal justice system. Public Safety staff work closely with external investigators when incidents arise that require joint investigative efforts, resources, crime-related reports, and exchanges of information, as deemed necessary. 


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