Beech Grove Police Department

Chief Michael Maurice
Address 103 Main Street
Beech Grove IN 46107
Phone 317-782-4934

Additional Services and Programs We Provide to the City:

Neighborhood Crime Watch
The Beech Grove Crime Watch exists to help educate and organize residents and business owners on how they can do their part in making Beech Grove as safe as possible .

Unattended House Program 
In a positive effort of community relations and for the deterrent of home burglaries the police department will provide for the community a program referred to as the unattended house program.
When citizens leave home for an extended period of time they may request a police check of their home during the period they are away. An example would be while persons are away on vacation. Citizens, prior to leaving must call the communications office and make an unattended house report. These reports will then be made available to the road patrol officers who will make periodic checks of the residences.

Shop With a Cop 
The annual Shop with a Cop Program is held during the Christmas Season. Local disadvantaged children are taken to a local retailer by uniformed police officers who assist the children in selecting much needed clothing items and a single toy. The officers and children then have breakfast together before the children are taken home. This program is funded by donations by individuals, businesses and civic organizations. Donations are accepted throughout the year. Please contact the police department for more information.

DARE Program
The Drug Abuse Resistance Education or DARE Program has been a part of the Beech Grove Police Department since 1994. The foundation of the program is a ten-week curriculum delivered to fifth grade classrooms. The DARE Program is presented by a specially trained police officer and covers such safety concerns as saying no to drugs, resisting peer pressure, and avoiding gangs and violence. Shorter programs are presented to younger grades during the school year. Currently, three elementary schools are involved in the DARE program. Since the Beech Grove Police Department began its program, over six hundred fifth-graders have been reached with the DARE anti-drug & violence message.

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