Aplington Police Department

Chief Matt Lind
Address 409 10th Street
Aplington IA 50604
Phone 319-347-2425
Website https://www.aplingtonia.com/index.php/city-information/police-fire

The old saying is that "Great things come in small packages." Aplington is a small community of 1,128, nestled between the farm fields of northeast Iowa. It is located on State Highway 57, just 35 miles from Interstate 35 to the west and Interstate 380 to the southeast.

Aplington is within two hours of 73% of Iowa's population. It is a progressive community, boasting a fine school system, thriving businesses, affordable housing and overall quality of life. Visitors and people driving through Aplington always comment on what an attractive town it is--well-kept homes and lawns, a relaxing city park, attractive downtown area and a fine recreational complex located on the west edge of town. Browse through our website and see for yourself why Aplington is "northeast Iowa's best-kept secret!"


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