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Police Exam Solutions provides entrance exams and personality analytics for law enforcement and fire department agencies.
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Company Overview

Police Exam Solutions, LLC, (PES). PES specializes in law enforcement recruitment. We pride ourselves on the relationships we foster with potential candidates seeking careers in law enforcement. Additionally, we are dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies recruit, examine, and ultimately select the best candidates for their police department. PES is committed to matching the right candidate with the right opportunity. We have the vetting tools that provide the additional insight necessary to finding the right fit, the first time.

By offering a full range of services, PES is able to furnish departments with an established list of eligible candidates exceeding the qualifications set forth by an individual agency.

We have found that it's not about the numbers. While it's a requirement to pass the written exam, there is more to being a successful police officer than being good in math and English. Today's officer must exhibit the traits most indicative of a successful police officer: problem solving skills, compassion, resourcefulness, ability to work as a team, leadership qualities, critical thinking, empathy, ability to communicate, and are among some of these critical, key personality traits.

PES offers services and products that your agency can use to best assess the attributes each candidate possesses to make the best hiring decision for your department.

Our commitment to vetting the finest recruits for your department's hiring needs is our number one priority, and we will work with your agency to find the right candidates.



The Written Exam: Entrance Exam Services

Our pre-employment entrance examination is specifically tailored for a target job in a public safety position so your agency can hire the right candidates, the first time. Based on the intimate knowledge of law enforcement positions, our exam was developed to measure the key skills, abilities and other characteristics required for job success, and represents state-of-the-art research and design.

Our examination combines four measures into one result, providing a more holistic picture of a test takers’ potential. It combines a challenging cognitive ability measure with three non-cognitive measures: personality constructs, integrity, and biographical data. These four measures produce a score for test takers that is highly predictive of their job success in law enforcement.

Get to Know the Candidate: Candidate Insight Report

PES has created an online Candidate Questionnaire which, through a series of questions, can determine a candidate's qualifications, skills, certifications, and degrees necessary to qualify as a potential new hire. Among their demographics, each candidate must answer questions on veteran's status, certifications, academy experience, education, and additional skills which may benefit them as officers.

Your Eligible Candidate List can be sorted based on the criteria, allowing you to see specific credentials among your eligible group of candidates.

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